Garabitov Center

Garabitov Center is a modern health and rehabilitation center in the city of Sofia.
The place gathers a spacious lobby, a shopping area and several massage rooms. We managed the whole construction process – starting with optimally distributing the space and 3D visualization of the project. The interior design is clean with modern lines, and materials – stone, glass, metal and wood. Besides the technical design, we made a complete management of the process and production, including installation of the furniture.

Restaurant Cosmos

Cosmos is a luxury gourmet restaurant located in the center of Sofia. They wanted us to design a оrientational system and set of signboards. After a careful analysis of the interior, we chose the materials stainless steel and powder coated steel. We started with CAD modelling  and did execusion of all processes – laser cutting, bending, welding, powdercoating and assembly.